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IOA raises tilapia fingerlings at our Utenge Lakes Farm hatchery.

We use Til-Aqua breeding technology, ensuring consistently high quality genetics. This helps Tanzanian farmers to raise a
fish that is of high quality and grows to a predictable size within a predictable time frame, helping to improve the financial
performance of their farming operation.


IOA raises tilapia at our Utenge Lakes Farms facility, located near Utete along the Rufiji Basin. Our cutting edge management approach
and our use of all natural based fish feed ensures that our fish are healthy, disease free and without hormones or chemicals. This allows IOA to consistently deliver
freshly sized and iced fish to your business or market, ensuring your customers have a fresher, higher quality option.


Octopus and Mud Crabs

IOA works with Kilwa fishermen and seafood buyers to source high quality Octopus and Mud Crab for export to Asian and European markets.
We employ catch and harvest guidelines that promote a sustainable local fishery and better livelihoods for Kilwa fishermen.

Dar es Salaam, Tanzania
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